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EFT Training

Powerful, professional videos that teach you step by step how to learn hypnosis, hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis.

Emotional Freedom Technique


Also known as EFT. DVD only.
This is a breakthrough technique used by therapists around the world for reaching hidden emotions, releasing them, and getting instant relief for your client.

Learn how to use the tapping points in EFT and combine the phrasing to achieve instant and lasting results. Watch an actual client session using EFT as it leads to a regression to cause.

Watch an actual client session.

Emotional Freedom Technique, originally known as Thought Field Therapy, EFT was created by Gary Craig. This is an extremely valuable tool for every therapist. Learn the most effective aspect of the program and the integration of EFT with regression to cause and emotional release. This one hour video will teach you everything about HOW to do the therapy quickly and effectively without the fluff.

This is only available on DVD format. A chart is included with the video that will help you to find the tapping points. This video also shows how EFT can effectively be used to regress to the cause of a problem.

A great method that every therapist should understand!

You will easily learn the tapping points and phrases

Wendi makes it easier to learn and understand EFT (emotional freedom technique) by condensing it down the the part you will actually use. Gary Craig is the creator of Emotional Freedom techniques, which is an offshoot of the Thought Field Therapy by Callahan. Therapists around the world are singing the praises of this amazing therapy. Find out why!

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