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How does hypnosis work?
For over 20 years I have been creating programs that are life changing.
How does a hypnosis recording make such amazing changes and help people get over difficult problems? Sometimes it just hits the spot and you have a big change. Many people have used my free hypnosis downloads and had big breakthroughs right away.

More than just suggestion!
There is much more to hypnotherapy and NLP strategies than a script that is read and recorded. If you have used some hypnosis programs from people who simply read a script, you are not getting the full effect of the power of Hypnotherapy. A great hypnotherapy program has a multi session approach, using several elements of change that are shifting the subconscious mind and releasing deep conflicts. If you are using my program for ending Insomnia, for instance, you won’t be just hearing direct suggestions that tell you to go to sleep.

Multi Session Approach
You will be experiencing several sessions. The first will release deeper reasons for your insomnia, then you go into the future when you no longer have insomnia. In the Future Self session you will change your identity to that of a person who sleeps great every night. You will train your brain to let go and naturally drift into alpha brain wave, then Theta and Delta. This approach creates change in the many aspects of the cause of your insomnia. With any issue that you are wanting help with, you will want to experience the full therapy that creates lasting success.

Health problems?
We know that the mind body connection affects our health in profound ways. We know that the power of our mind can heal your body, even creating miraculous results. To fully use this power, you will want to experience all the levels of healing, and use the combination of NLP, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy.

You can overcome fears, stop procrastination, create a wealth mindset and belief, end your addiction to alcohol or drugs, even gambling or pornography.  I have specialized in helping men and women with sexual issues, and have created powerful programs that will end your sexual dysfunction and enhance your sex life.

Hypnosis Help For Kids?
Your kids will love falling asleep to my hypnotic bedtime stories. As they go on their journey with the wizard, they experience new powers and ways to be creative and happy. After the story is done, I have created gentle suggestions that continue to lull them to sleep. This has resulted in some profound changes in children, with the parents telling me how happy and cooperative they are. Some have more confidence, are more loving, feel more secure and kind. This is a great way to help your kids. A kindergarten teach told me she plays my program for her students at nap time every day! She says it makes a huge difference for them and for her.

Where to start?

Go to http://hypnosis.wendi.com and you will find all of my programs for download, Videos or CDs.
Here you will also find lots of free hypnosis downloads to get you started.

I am very happy to have you here.
Please feel free to email me and ask questions, share ideas and learn how you can change your mind, and change your life.

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