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Remote Psychic Seduction
Is it possible?

Remote Psychic Seduction

Was $39, now only $19.90

Remote Psychic Seduction

A strange and intriguing concept. Can you create a connection across the room or across the country with only thought and desire? Some people think they can.

Many people who have used this, tell me they get almost instant results. Some say they get a phone call from a woman they haven’t heard from in years. Others say they create a magnetic connection with a person in a bar. Like a magnet that person comes to them. I have used this method to pull people toward me, in airports, at conventions, and even from miles away.

This program will certainly make you wonder how powerful our thoughts are.

Explore a wonderful and intriguing method of creating desire and appeal in your partner, or in a stranger you would like to meet. This method will give you an unconscious link with another person that will make them feel loved, wanted, and desired. Even if you have never met, you may notice that the recipient of your affection has a deeper interest in you, and feels very connected to you! This is a fascinating phenomenon that will open your mind to new adventure!

The first session will teach you to create the ball of energy that contains all the thoughts, feelings and connection.
The next session will take you into the psychic connection with the person of your desire.
The energy will wrap around and permeate the thoughts and feelings of your friend. (or future friend) You will be asked to allow this connection to be created in a way that is for the best and highest good of both. In other words, you will have to use your new powers only for good.

a recent testimonial about remote seduction

Subject: remote seduction strikes again!

After months of creative visualization, wishful thinking and unflinching positive expectancy JUST 2 USES of your Remote seduction CD resulted in me unexpectedly "running into" my indifferent quarry and a six hour lunch the next day. I am continuing to charge my energy ball as i want a lot more and he is a tough nut to crack, but worth every distressing and frustrating setback and delay over the last year. Your technique has lightened my heart - THANK YOU.

I could only hope as many people as possible are freed from that frustration of feeling unable to act to achieve the relationship they know is right for them. I am a 43 year old general family doctor who should know better. But I've got it bad and I love how empowered i feel with "remote seduction".

That feeling of being able to do something is worth many more US dollars than I paid for your CD- and then to experience such a result is mind blowing for someone with my scientific background.

Keep up the fabulous work and take joy from knowing how much you help - even "together" people like me!


Answers to a letter from an inquiring mind: (my answers are in RED)

Wendi, Could you please explain a bit more about Remote Psychic
I find the concept of this to be very disturbing. Knowing that someone else can influence your thoughts, feelings and desires without your consent or without you even being aware of it is very scary.
I dont' think that is why it works, or how it works. There is nothing in this program that could be scary and I will explain why.

I suspect that most people who buy your product buy it with the intent on using the skills you teach to influence someone that they like in a romantic way.

Correct, most people are using it for romance, although some people use it for job interviewing, sales, and other things. One woman used it to help her mother in law to stop criticizing her.

However, when you are influencing someone in this way you are doing it against the free will of the other person as this person will not know that they are being influenced in this way (hence the name REMOTE and PSYCHIC)

I don't believe you can make a person give up their free will. We are all being influenced constantly by other people, TV, movies, advertising… but we still have free will as to how we will react.

Do you not think that love and romantic feelings between two people is something that should happen naturally?

Yes, of course. But it doesn't happen without elements of influence. What makes you fall in love? The things a person does, the things they say and the thoughts they think about you that you may pick up on unconsciously.

Do you not think that people should be able to go about with their lives without the threat of their minds being manipulated (by other people for THEIR OWN INTENTIONS) like this? What right does one person have to influence someone else's thoughts and feeling like this? So much for being your own person and having free choice!

I believe that you will always be your own person and always have free choice. Here is an example. One of the guys in my office did the remote seduction CD, and directed it toward a girl he had not seen or heard from in 3 years. She called him about an hour after he finished the CD. Let's say that she picked up the vibe and started thinking about him. She felt like she remembered him and felt like reconnecting and calling him. She had a choice. Just because she started thinking about him didn't make her give up her free will. It gave her a choice. And she chose to call.

Please tell me what would happen in this scenario: Person A (who has bought your Remote Psychic Seduction CD) has romantic feelings for Person B.

Person B is already in a loving relationship with person C. They are the love of each others lives.
Person A does not care. He/she now has the skills to influence Person B without person C or anybody else even knowing it, because all he cares about is what he/she wants and what makes him/her happy. He/she has studied your course and now he/she can penetrate the thoughts of person B to get what he/she wants. Person B and C can do nothing about this because they do not even know it is happening. How would you feel if you were person C?

The CD session guides you in this way: "only those feelings, thoughts or ideas that are for the best and highest good of this person will be sent. Anything that could cause hurt or harm will be dissolved and not reach the person". So the guidelines are set that the mind has to have good intent for everyone in order for this to work.

What happens then? Do you understand where I am coming from? From what I have read in your description about Remote Psychic Seduction it seems that what it essentially does is teach people to have power over others? What if person B does not want to be influenced? With Remote Psychic Seduction what choice to they have?

Everyone has a choice. You never give up your free will. No one has power over anyone else. We do have a tremendous impact on others, to make them feel close and connected or scared and detached. We have that ability everyday with every word, gesture, thought and feeling that we generate and unconsciously transmit. Using the Remote Seduction Program's sessions simply teaches you to focus it in a positive way.

With all due respect, maybe I have got this concept of Remote Psychic Seduction all wrong, but if that is the case, then maybe you need to rewrite the description of the product as I think just about any intelligent person will have picked it up just as I have.

.There are so many websites on the internet claiming to teach people how to hypnotize others for their own gain. Most of these sites are dedicated to teaching men how to hypnotize women. Then you have all the sites that sell Pheromone Spray to attract the opposite sex. There seems to be so much on the web these days dedicated to taking advantage of and controlling others. I'm just surprised that someone like yourself who is suppose to be dedicated to helping others seems to be joining in on this.

I approach this in a very different way than you are describing. My work focuses on the best and highest good, realizing and focusing on what can be done when the intention is good, and strengthening a person's will so they will be true to themselves, and allow influence and inspiration only when it is for their highest good!

I think we should all be aware of how much influence we have on others as a result of our thoughts, negatively or positively. When we really understand how great our influence can be, we can use it to strengthen our relationships and create stronger connections with others.

Was $39, now only $19.90!

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Remote Influence

This program is similar, but not specifically for seduction. This one can be used for any purpose. A woman told me she used it to soften up her harsh mother in law. The next time she saw her, the mother in law was all hugs and smiles! What will you use it for?

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