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Heal Your Body

Achieve Mastery of your Health, your Body,
& your Beliefs about your health

Is it possible to repair scars, bone injuries, damage, or pain to the body?

The advancement of research in the mind/body connection is creating new possibilities for excellent health.

This program uses a unique method created by Wendi Friesen that creates a  connection between mind and body, then applies the Disk of Light session to program the cells for rapid healing.

Some people experience miracles when this inner wisdom is accessed.

The subconscious mind can access the function of immune factors, cellular growth, hormonal balance, blood flow, oxygen supply to cells,
affecting bacteria and viruses, and more... to achieve a condition in the body for optimum health.


One of our best selling CDs.
Designed for those with chronic or  serious illness, this program inspires you to choose LIFE, stimulates your immune system to fight, and some say... creates miracles.

Three sessions, one will access your ability to heal and the second will strengthen your immune system. Another will help you visualize a process to cleanse your body of bacteria, viruses and toxins.

This process can help to speed the healing of surgery, illness, or even a cold or sore throat.

If you are sick,
have chronic pain,
or an immune system imbalance,
or relentless headaches...
If your stress is causing anxiety
and affecting your health-

Hypnotherapy can help.

Physicians around the country refer their patients to me to help resolve the emotional issues connected with illness. When I work with a client, we resolve the emotional causes for the illness, restore the immune system to a healthy balance and speed healing of injuries or surgery.

I will tell you how you can do this- right now, for free! Read on...

As a result of years of work with clients and their doctors I have created several programs on CD that you can use at home. Your subconscious mind has tremendous healing power. You already know that. Know you can learn how to use it. The stories I hear are miraculous. I have received wonderful letters from all over the world- people who have used my healing hypnotherapy CDs, find that they heal faster after surgery, release chronic pain, get rid of headaches, balance immune function- which you know affects arthritis, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel syndrome, cancer and just about every illness we suffer from.

Your immune system is dramatically affected by the thoughts you think. Just by focusing on healing your body, and asking your mind to create a healthy balance, you will immediately affect your overall health! When you use hypnosis to create a relaxed state of trance, your mind affects your body and makes profound changes. Blood test before and after hypnosis and meditation prove that the mind quickly and dramatically affects the state of health.

Many cancer patients that I work with have been instructed, by their doctor, to have a positive attitude. That is easier said than done. The doctor is right. A positive attitude has a profound affect on our state of health. It is difficult to keep a positive attitude when you are face with a life threatening illness.

When you put on a CD, close your eyes and listen to my voice, you will be instructed to stop trying, just relax, and let the healing wisdom of your mind show your body how to be strong and healthy. You will feel an instant state of relief when you realize that your body and immune system is going to become as healthy as possible and that your pain may go away, and your immune levels in your blood are getting ready to make big changes.

Heal Your Body
Cancer and the effect of Hypnosis

Many clients come to me with Cancer. They tell me their Doctor said they should have a positive attitude, since research shows that a positive mental outlook can help with the outcome. If you have cancer and you are ready to learn about the mind/body connection and effect of the mind in the healing process, you have come to the right place. Discover how hypnosis can assist in your healing, Most physicians will tell you that hypnotherapy is very valuable, but they may not know what the next step would be.

As result of my years of working with mind body healing, I have created a new and very effective program for accessing the healing wisdom in our mind, integrating the mind and body to work in harmony which may enhance the immune function and create a positive feeling about being in control of your healing.

1. Disk of Light
2. Intro to Spiritual Healing
3. Spiritual Healing


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