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Core Confidence
There is something that you're about to discover.

Perhaps it's something that you already know, that you're already aware of.

And if you're not yet aware of it, just imagine what it might be like to discover how confident you really are, to find that part of yourself that already knows how to feel relaxed and calm when you're around other people, that part of you that knows how to feel spontaneous, happy, and natural with a small group of people or a large group whether they're friends or strangers.

So now, you will learn and discover and experience the ease that you have in being in front of other people, with a group, or with just one.

You are able to express yourself, to feel that natural ease, your sense of humor, your spontaneity.

Learn to speak easily, effortlessly, spontaneously.

Your conversation flows easily from deep within you, from your very core.

You enjoy talking to people.

You can meet anybody and feel comfortable.

You love this feeling of being deeply interested in others.

You love being absorbed in what others say and noticing that they're focused and absorbed in what you say.

In Control
Each breath becoming more peaceful and relaxing.

Now notice the color of the velvet and let that color begin to move in and out of your lungs with every breath.

Feel that soothing color beginning to relax you and as you breathe in let that color begin to move through your body, moving all the way into your body and everywhere that that color goes it releases tension and tightness, it relieves any discomfort that you may be feeling, it creates a deep sense of calm in every cell in your body.

And as I speak, let the sound of my voice relax you even deeper, and any sounds around you that you hear, any ordinary everyday sounds will continue to relax you even deeper.

Now imagine yourself going into a sort of state of suspended animation, a state of suspended animation in some warm comfortable safe place.

A place where it's safe to just let your body be, so that it's ok if you begin to lose touch, just suspended and floating, beginning to float, let your body become even lighter now, and float and drift.

Allow your body to become so light that you feel as if you're losing touch with your body, that there is no discomfort, there is only a sense of calm and lightness, of floating and drifting, and you can float and drift into the darkness, into the colors that you see.

You can drift towards the lights or the calm and soothing peaceful colors.

Sleep Deep Healing States
A sense of well-being seems to fill your entire body and a wonderful sense of tranquility and calm begins to increase as your step becomes lighter.

So light that you can hardly even feel your feet touching the ground and it almost seems as if now you

must be floating on air.

And just notice now that as you've left the hill, you are walking lazily across a grassy plain. The light tinkling sound that you heard sounds as if it might be temple bells coming from somewhere in front of you so move a little closer now, move closer to that light, that faint glimmer of light with that gentle blue color.

Notice it's becoming more distinct.

Now notice, it might be coming from somewhere far above you or somewhere high in the clear midnight sky.

And then begin to look at that light a little bit differently, seeing it more clearly, almost as if it's like a column of light that's coming from the sky above and extending all the way down to the ground.

Go a little bit closer you can see the rays or the atoms moving through that gentle light.

And I don't know if you can see those rays moving downward or whether they seem to be moving upward to you.

Or perhaps you notice that they're moving in some kind of a random fashion, kind of a little bit of a swirl or a movement or an energy.

But you know that your mind knows that your powerful subconscious mind of yours knows exactly the way for you to experience this light.

Exactly what feels right for you?

So look up now at that column of light and see the white light that's in it, that's kind of mixed with the blue, and just notice if you can tell where it comes from or if just seems to gather there somehow, somewhere in that clear sky that just seems to somehow collect and funnel downward in the gentle, flowing sense.

And when you look at where that column of light meets the ground, it may seem to you that if forms a pool of light, or it may just disappear into the earth, reaching down deep, deep into the earth.

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Core Confidence

In Control

Sleep Deep Healing


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