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Childbirth Hypnosis
A Labor Of Love

Hypnosis for Childbirth

Was $119, now only $49!

Imagine a Birth without fear...
A birth where mother and baby are joined in peace and serenity...
The soothing sounds of the birth coach creating peace in the mother's body...
While she experiences birth the way nature intended....

Hypnosis is an easy way to create a totally peaceful state in the chemistry of the body that will allow the muscles to relax so deeply that the fear melts away, the muscles release the adrenaline and pain is released.

Some mothers are so relaxed, that it can be almost impossible to tell when they are having a contraction. Some women say they feel pressure, but no pain.
Most women have shorter labors during hypno-births and the pushing phase is more like a flowing into the world. The mother's body is so relaxed that the baby just flows out in ony a few pushes.

Order the Childbirth Hypnosis Program on Audio, Video or Download

Hypnosis for Childbirth


    A peaceful way to experience birth
    Release the pain and fear and find out why women are praising the
    Hypnosis Birthing methods.
    Hypnosis during childbirth is a Peaceful, nurturing way to have a gentle birth

    Classes and audio programs are Presented by Wendi Friesen
    A loving, nurturing Hypnosis Birth trainer

Was $119, Now Only $49!

Order Childbirth Hypnosis CD set now!

Childbirth Hypnosis CD set

Hypnosis Childbirth Classes are on DVD

Video Training Class now available! Three Classes on DVD with NEW CD set for practice between classes. Take the course yourself, on video and have a wonderful Childbirth with Hypnosis!

Was $149, Now Only $59!

Dear Wendi,
I purchased your DVD and CD set "Hypnosis for
Childbirth" and studied it diligently during the last
months of my first pregnancy. I went into labor fully confident that I could deliver without pain medications. I used your hypnosis method during the labor and delivery, and it worked perfectly! Every contraction I forced myself to relax and use hypnosis to block out any discomfort. I was completely relaxed and the doctors and nurses weren't even sure I was having contractions other than seeing them on the monitor. After my daughter was born, the nurse, who has been delivering babies for 15 years, told me that she has never seen a patient labor like I did. She said my body was like a wet noodle, just laying there through the whole thing, and it looked like I was sleeping, and not in labor at all!!

Well, thanks for a great product. I will use your
hypnosis tapes for my next child as well.
Jill from Seattle, WA

A six session series that will take you through the process of learning to create a trance state, bond with your baby, release fear, create hypnotic anesthesia, create triggers that will allow you to put yourself in trance, or for your birth partner to put you in trance. You will also experience the imagined birth of your baby, to create the subconscious belief about the way your birth will be experienced. This CD set comes with a booklet that will give your partner the words and phrases to use during labor, the diagram of how the uterus works, and other information including a birth plan.

 If you are unable to attend a class in Hypnosis Birthing, the classes on VIDEO will allow you to learn how to go into trance, trust your body, and experience a gentle peaceful birth. The six sessions are designed to help you achieve trance, set triggers to relax instantly, and release fears. While watching the VIDEO AND CDs you will learn how to relax deeply, then how to go into deep trance instantly, using the touch of your husband's hand or birth assistant as a trigger to relax. You will teach your subconscious mind to use the actual sensations of a contraction as a trigger to relax deeply. You will learn the visualizations that will help your body become more open as your baby is birthed, so the pushing process is minimized. The fear release session will put your mind at ease and allow you to bring a special wisdom to your birth. Order these six sessions on CDs, or the VIDEO CLASS AND CD SET and enjoy the peaceful and soothing experience of self-hypnosis CD set is 119.00. VIDEO CLASS with CD set is $224.00 

NOW - Your price will be $149.00 for the entire FOUR CLASSES on video, SIX CD SESSIONS, and BOOK.

Hypnosis for Birth is a natural method of allowing your body to give birth to your baby, peacefully... and in many cases, painlessly. Many Hypnosis Birth mothers say they experience pressure, and sensation during birth, but not pain.
The experience of pain in childbirth is the result of an unnatural process of fear, which produces tension, which creates tightness and clamping of the muscles, which results in pain.

Once you understand how the uterus is meant to work, and how this "fear and tension then creates pain". It is a cycle that interferes with the natural process of birth. This tension actually works in opposition to the body giving birth. You will understand why it is possible to experience childbirth in a peaceful way.

Observing animals giving birth gives us a clue as the way nature intended for us to give birth. Animals are often very peaceful and content during birth. Cats are often caught purring while having contractions! Why do humans have such a different experience? Some cultures have peaceful and calm births because this is what they have observed and this is what their mothers taught them. A labor and delivery nurse recently told me that Laotian women who come to the United States give birth quietly and calmly, but once they have been indoctrinated in our cultural experience of birth, they experience pain, screaming and intense contractions. Before anybody showed them or told them it would hurt, they just did what they knew. They relaxed and let it happen peacefully.
You may have heard about Hypnosis for childbirth on Dateline. It showed the experience of two women having a very easy and painless birth. An interesting part of this was how these women were not sure if they would be able to do the hypnosis. Most women have doubts that they will be able to achieve trance and have a peaceful birth.... and most women are pleasantly surprised to find out that they "have what it takes" to achieve this. So, even if you have doubts about your ability to have an easy Hypnotic Birth, remember that these fears are a result of conditioning by our society. You were born to know how to experience birth, and taught something entirely different. Your body already knows how to do this! We will help you remove all that other stuff about pain and suffering. You deserve to know how birth was meant to be experienced.
Our network of trained, certified Hypnosis - birthers reaches from San Francisco to Reno.We can refer you to a class in your area that teaches Hypnosis Birthing, and also offers you a birth assistant to attend your birth if you feel you need the support.
Classes are usually weekly, group or private.
Four sessions of 2 hours each-
Includes Videos, a birth plan, the book and hypnosis audio tapes.
Enrollment is an investment in yourself and your baby. The skills and training you receive will benefit you in many areas of your life. The enrollment fee includes all materials, and audio tapes. Some practitioners offer discounts to low income, students, or single mothers.
Being in a profoundly relaxed state can help to shorten the labor. One of the reasons for this is the amazing amount of communication between the mind and body. When the body is instructed to flow with the birth process and open and release tightness and tension, the entire body is in harmony with the downward movement and opening that can produce a shorter birth. In many cases, the doctors and nurses observing a Hypnosis Birthing mom don't feel she is progressing, because she is quiet and calm. There is often an element of surprise in the rapid dilation of the cervix, and the short amount of time spent in the pushing process. Because the mind is instructing the body to relax and open and there are absolutely NO FEARS, TENSION, OR NEGATIVE BELIEFS about the labor, the body can open quickly and efficiently. A recent magazine article about this hypnosis during childbirth method show how the babies seem to "flow" out, rather than being pushed out. Very often the pushing process is smooth and efficient, with less tearing and less trauma to the baby.

Therapists who are trained in regression types of therapy can tell you interesting accounts of adults regressing back to the time of their birth. In many cases the trauma of the birth is re-experienced from an adult awareness and the emotions and physical sensations can be now put into words. Many adults who experience re-birthing or regression to emotional problems that were caused by birth trauma, find great relief in releasing the issues and blocks that they received at birth.
As Hypnotherapists agree with the experience of many others... birth creates an entrance into the world that sets us up for emotions that can hold us back or move us forward. Decisions are made about our identity and often locked in place as a result of birth trauma.
An interesting book, called Babies Remember Birth, did some great research into the details that were reported by an adult re-experiencing their birth. Case after case turned up proof that the events remembered were accurate. The emotions of the mother and father were recorded by the baby. Emergency procedures were documented and remembered in the babies mind. Even voices and conversations were accurately identified.

What does this mean? It means that birth matters. It is possible that a large part of who we are could be a result of our birth. Think about it. The first real fear that we experience... bright lights, fear, pain, cold, being lifted and moved, poked... happens at the moment after birth. By reducing the amount of trauma to the baby during this process, it is potentially possible that you will produce a happier child, and a more fulfilled adult.
During a hypno birth the baby spends less time listening to screaming, moaning and feeling constricted. The baby's journey down the birth canal is usually very quick, allowing for an entrance that is not already marked with pain and fear.

Personally I would rather flow into the world in peace and harmony than to listen to agonizing moans, and nurses yelling PUUUSH! It just might be that these babies have a little bit of bliss to start their lives. We don't really know the real impact of birth trauma. We owe it to our babies to give them the most loving start possible. Just as a cat purrs for it's newborns....imagine, if your baby could feel your loving voice and the music of your soul as a welcome to the world!
Hypnosis has been shown to turn a breech baby, often within minutes of the session. A study on breech babies turned with hypnosis, also showed that these babies stayed in the proper position, where babies turned manually often returned to the breech position.
This effect is even more evidence that the baby is clearly receiving communication from the mind of the mother and from the outside experiences. Your Childbirth Hypnosis practitioner can assist you with the turning.

A six session CD series that will take you through the process of learning to create a trance state, bond with your baby, release fear, create hypnotic anesthesia, create triggers that will allow you to put yourself in trance, or for your birth partner to put you in trance. You will also experience the imagined birth of your baby, to create the subconscious belief about the way your birth will be experienced. This CD set comes with a booklet that will give your partner the words and phrases to use during labor, the diagram of how the uterus works, and other information including a birth plan. 

If you are unable to attend a class in your area for Hypnosis Birthing, theseVideos and CDs will allow you to learn how to go into trance, trust your body, and experience a gentle peaceful birth.


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