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Body Language
Read a person like a book

Body Language

Was $29.90, now only $14.90!

Body Language

Learn to read people like a book, intuitively knowing what they are really thinking, as they express it in their movements.
Train your brain to intuitively be able to read people's body language without having to study and memorize. This CD will give you this knowledge so that you unconsciously notice all the signals and interpret those to know what a person is feeling or thinking.

Being able to read body language is a must have skill for business and social success. Once you have this ability you will wonder how you were able to get by without it.


Body Language

Was $39.90, now only $14.90!

Become an expert at the body language of truth and lies. Never be lied to again.

This is a really great video and it will make you very intuitive about seeing the truth and lies in others.

Learn the cues to body language that will help you - RIGHT NOW! - to know if someone is lying to you.
Better than a gut feeling-this video will make you an expert at seeing the truth and lies in others.

Learn how to observe and detect the truth and lies that body language reveals.

Eye accessing cues
Muscle testing for lie detection that nobody can fake.
Smile detection for truths and lies
Defense strategies of really good liars.
How to know when they are really telling the truth.
What it means when they point at you.
Examples from celebrities who lie, and ex-presidents who fibbed.

Some common and practical uses:
Job interviewing
Dealing with salespeople
Is your lover cheating on you?
Could your spouse be lying to you?
Is your child telling the truth?
Fun with government officials in the spotlight.
Party fun
Dealing with anyone, anytime to find out the absolute truth about them.

You will experience the strategies for detecting lies and also experience a hypnosis session that will create an internal lie detector in your mind, so you will spot the truth instinctively.

Why do you need this training?

Our lives become complicated and difficult when people are dishonest.
You need to know the truth.

You need to make decisions fast- to accurately assess the responses from someone.
You must know when it's a lie.

You are feeling stupid because you think you are being cheated or taken for a ride.
When you know the truth you are the smart one.

The best part about learning how to detect a lie is this:
it is easy.
Watch this video-
Accurately spot body language, visual cues, voice changes.
You will separate the truth from the lies.

You don't have to practice or study. The video will put you through the process of becoming an expert, unconsciously.

A unique process on the video will lead you through the unconscious skills during a hypnosis session that give you the expert skills to calibrate anyone's integrity or honesty.

Become an expert at body language, voice, eye accessing cues, smiles and fake smiles and much more.
Spot the liar.
Attack the lie.
Know the body language.

Want to know if your lover is cheating?
Watch the HOW TO SPOT A LIAR video.

Need the truth about your prospective employee?
Read the body language.

Did your kids steal the money from your purse?
Put them to the test.
We teach you how to test them.

If they tell the truth, you will know.
If they lie, you will know.

And of course our video, along with all our products, has a one year money back guarantee.

The popularity of this video is incredible! Even before it was completed the orders were beyond our expectations.
This project has uncovered a new and powerful way to detect lies.
I am sure you can't wait to learn how to do it yourself! More than any other project we have done up to date, this one is already the most popular.

"How to Spot a Liar" contains extremely effective training material.
You will see for yourself side by side examples of our participants telling true and false statements.

A masterful step by step narration guides you through our easy to learn techniques.

Within the first few examples, you will understand why this is the most unique body language training... you will be competent to instantly know the truth.

Don't be played for a fool by your child.

See fun and enlightening video clips with government officials in the spotlight.
(you will watch TV interviews in a whole new light)

Learn to deal with anyone, anytime to find out the absolute truth.


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