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Dry At Night
An End To Bedwetting

Dry At Night

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Dry At Night - An End To Bedwetting

Stay dry at night!

Tried everything to help your child stop wetting the bed?

     Is your child sad, embarrassed, or frustrated?

          Hypnotherapy for bed wetting is recognized and approved by the AMA

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Kids

We have many new programs that are in development for kids.
The use of hypnosis type suggestions that are woven into stories will help a child make changes as they fall asleep.

Dry At Night - An End To Bedwetting

Dry At Night - An End To Bedwetting will teach kids to stay in control as they sleep


  • Magical Mind Journey
  • Special Story
  • For Parents

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What is Hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is basically a technique of giving direct or post hypnotic suggestions while a person is in a relaxed focused state of trance. Direct suggestions and Post Hypnotic suggestions can last as little as 2-3 days or if structured in an increasing probability can last several weeks until a new behavior takes place of the suggestion. The method of structuring is an important distinction between a Hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis involves the use of regression and analysis techniques to find the cause of a symptom. In the case of ADD (attention deficit disorder) the symptom could be described as the need for attention. The analysis used would enable the subconscious mind to find the cause and the therapy would create new behaviors to achieve the same need. .

The field of Hypnotherapy and ADD is showing promise. Some of the research is coming out of a Washington University and has just been published. Also a case study book has recently been completed on the East Coast and will be available soon. The results that show the There is a solution when the mind is focused on a new outcome.

How does it work?
Hypnotherapy is safe, enjoyable and enlightening. For children it is like having a guided daydream. One child was in a castle exploring several rooms and tunnels to find the thing that created his behavior. The child found a spider that was very scared. He told me about the spider and how the spider felt that it's mommy was very mad at him. We did some work to help the spider understand that mommy was only trying to help and when she tried to help, something scared the little spider and he thought mommy was angry. The actual event that he was referring to was a real fear that happened when he awakened, fell, and saw a spider close to his face. His mother was there, and his feelings of fear were possibly transferred to her. His mother had described this event to me before the session!

When a child finds out that he/she isn't bad or broken, and doesn't need to be fixed with medication, behaviors such as ADD can change. When a child can go into his/her brain and find the "controls" that relax the mind, or focus the mind when it's needed, they can take responsibility for the excess energy and slow it down on demand. One thing to keep in mind is that the cause, and the method to create the change is different for every child.

How can an ADD child be hypnotized?
Actually, there is not an ideal state called hypnosis. It is basically a relaxed focused state of concentration. This might be a stretch for some, however with children it is not necessary to have a deeply relaxed state. They are basically in a trance most of the time. Up until the age of 8, most kids have a brain wave pattern that shows alpha wavelength about 80% of the time. Alpha is similar to a hypnotic trance. That's what make believe is all about! We call it visualization. For children it is most of their waking state.

What can a parent do to assist in the process?
There are many things that adults do that increase the problem and symptoms of ADD. Certainly they don't consciously want to, it's just that they may not understand how the subconscious mind works. Parents and teachers must understand the power of their words. Repeating suggestions of what you DON'T want the child to do, will only create more of the same problem.

STOP running around.
Why can't you just stop being noisy?
You are always bouncing off the walls.
Why are you always trying to make me crazy?
You will never settle down and focus on your school work.

OR the child may overhear a parent say to another adult:
We have tried everything and he is still out of control. I don't think anything will work.
We are trying a new medication and hopefully that will help.
His teachers cannot keep him in control.
These statements that are overheard carry a lot of truth and validity. The child who overhears you talking to another can feel very hopeless and useless. Let your child overhear you saying something great about him, phrased in a way that might just direct his or her brain to do feel the way they need to feel! 

Therapy includes informing the parents and caregivers of the power of their words and actions. Another aspect of Hypnotherapy addresses the willingness of the parents to find new ways to empower the child.
Some children can be taught to build a machine (imaginary) in their brain to help them focus, relax, learn, or be more successful at sports. When children are taught about these brain machines they feel more in control and instead of feeling broken, they can create what they DO need to succeed.


Was $29, now only $7.00!


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