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What would life be like if... you had been raised with the best teachers, the most caring parents, and you were supported by friends who were a constant inspiration.

What kind of person would you be now if... you had attended the best schools, been applauded for your efforts, found your true calling and became an expert in your field because people believed in you.

How good would it feel if... you were allowed to be your true self, confident about your thoughts and ideas, and you knew you were loved and accepted by others.

When was the last time... you felt so confident that you knew that people liked you, were interested in what you had to say, and that you were allowed to be 100% yourself.

For most people the answer is seldom, or NEVER.

Maybe you were not raised by the most loving parents, and your grew up with no self worth.
Perhaps you know the loneliness of feeling unworthy and helpless after a childhood of being teased and put down.
Most likely you are one of the millions of children who suffered at the hands of bad teachers who punished you for being creative, expressive or outgoing.

What if you could CHANGE all that? click to continue

I own a copy of Wendi's confidence cd's and can attest that they
are one of the best self improvement products on the market.
I've purchased a number of Wendi's products since she came on the hypno scene and have always been very happy with the product quality,value,and customer service I've experienced.

In my opinion the confidence cd set represents Wendi's best work to date and will impact you in amazing and powerful ways.
Regardless of your experience level with hypnosis and nlp you'll
have the added benefit of Wendi's example of great trance work and deepening techniques.

As a practitioning hypnotist I'm a sucker for a great hypnotic experience for myself and these cd's will zone you
out right through the floor!

Discover for yourself this wonderful product and be prepared to find yourself feeling more wonderful and
confident with every listening as I have.


Hello all.

Last night's confidence seminar was amazing. Wendi led us into light trance on a mental journey to meet our desired selves in a parallel world. This "other" self was us as we really are, without the beliefs we held of being unconfident that held us back.

In the parallel world everything exists as it does in the usual world we live in but for a few key differences. In that world our uber-confident self had the most loving and encouraging parents who never even inadvertently said something that made us shy or unconfident. We had the best teachers and mentors who blossomed us into the most confident and able people possible. And we were able to "step into" that person and be them and take back with us that gift of confidence.

It is an amazing experience that I'm just starting to realize how effective it has been. Those who were there, please share your experiences here if you read this. I'd like to hear how it is going for you. Those who weren't there, attend the next one!

You will benefit from it in a way you can't even imagine. Wendi has had to make an unexpected trip to be with a loved one, so she told us next week's webinars MAY not happen so come back the next week if so.
Don't miss it.


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Ultimate Confidence

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