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Quit Drinking Now

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Think Yourself Thin

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Sleepy Kids 2 - Bedtime

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Do It Now

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Can't Sleep?

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Waking Up Worried?

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 Stop Your Struggle with Alcohol

alcohol freedomThe most important step on your journey starts with your mind. Your ability to be free from alcohol, feeling powerful and in control, is in your mind. Your desire to drink will be gone with these hypnotherapy sessions on CD. You will love your healthy life! 1000s of people have quit drinking with hypnosis.

 Been Hypnotized Lately?

Wendi on TVIf you have never experienced hypnosis, this is a great place to start. Bad habits, difficult personality issues, health and relationships... just about anything you experience and want to change can be affected by hypnosis. It is all about how our minds interpret our experience. If you have never experienced hypnosis, start with our Hypnosis Quiz and find out how hypnotizable you are.
What is Hypnosis?

Learn Self Hypnosis

Read more articles about Hypnosis in my Newsletters.

The Zen Of Thin

How would you feel if you could wake up tomorrow, feeling IN CONTROL around food?
Your subconscious mind has the power to end your struggle with food.
Thousands of people have learned Self Hypnosis and become Lean for Life.
The Zen of Thin Program is tested and proven. Hypnosis changes the way you think about food, stops the struggle, and makes you love of exercise! Stop self sabotage, and easily release the fat!

 Love, Sex and the Big O

sex_and_loveLearn hypnotic seduction, bring back the passion in your tired old marriage, and just feel excited about sex again-
You ask, I help.
You heard about THE BIG O on National TV and it is true. And it’s on DVD. Enjoy and learn the technique! Rekindle the romance, or learn to get over the loss of a love fast:
Hypnosis and Sex.
You deserve a little deep down pleasure.
Quivering loins for everyone!

Check out the new Yes, yes, yeeeeees CD set!

 What’s Your Problem?

what's_your_problemI have been busy creating solutions for you and if you need some ideas, read on. Take a Power Nap, get Creative in a flash, learn to Spot a Liar, stop Procrastinating, lose that Weight, toss your Cigarettes, start making Money, end your Depression, be Happy, stop drinking Alcohol, be a better Speller, Speed Read, stop your Anger, be a patient Parent, be a Stud in Bed, enjoy hypnotic Orgasms, or end your Addiction to Porn, clean your House, get down with that Guitar (or any instrument), be Confident anytime, learn Persuasion and Influence. Well there are hundreds more things... I could go on forever, you know. I hope you find what you are looking for, but if not, remember to search! All of this happens by letting your subconscious mind make the changes while you are in hypnosis. My unique methods might surprise you. I guarantee there is nothing else like it!

 Childhood Obesity

Children in PlaygroundChildhood Obesity
hat are we going to do when overweight kids grow up to be overweight adults?

As you know, I’ve produced many hypnosis sessions to help adults with food issues. In fact, I have the best selling Weight loss Hypnosis program in the world. Now it’s the kids turn.

You can get started with an individual session from our Fantastic Brain and Magical Mind programs.

 Men's Sexual Help

Cure Premature Ejaculation with Hypnosis

Many men suffer with premature ejaculation and while it is a sensitive subject, there is an powerful way to get back in control. Hypnosis can help you find the cause, change the brain's response during sex and help to Cure Premature Ejaculation.

Watch the video here and experience a free hypnosis session. Premature Ejaculation Cure

 Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Coast to Coast AM with George NooryCoast to Coast AM with George Noory
Join George Noory and Wendi Friesen for 3 hours as we probe your mind. Get the archive of the show. Learn a lot about hypnosis, about experiments and strange uses of hypnosis. Thank you George for having me on!

Why Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is probably one of the most effective ways to find and release conflicts, depression, blocks and illness. If you want to Stop Smoking, Make more money, have Great Sex, Find a lost object, Take Strokes off your Golf Game, or just find out how to release anger and be happier, then you may want to consider Hypnotherapy.

Everything we experience, EVERYTHING, is a result of how we perceive it. We choose our reality, our thoughts and our feelings. When you think you no longer have a choice about how you think or feel, you are experiencing a block that may be created by an emotional conflict. Hypnotherapy can find and release the block, allowing you to have the freedom to think and feel the way you want to think and feel. Hypnotherapy feels great and it is a fast and permanent solution.
I am so fascinated with hypnosis and I want to share my passion with you.

Now you can experience the result of my 10+ years of research and exploration in HYPNOSIS. I have created over 200 programs on CD and DVD that I know you will love. Please contact my staff or myself if you have any questions. We answer the phone, and answer your email.
I want you to be very happy. - Wendi

What a wonderful and amazing journey this has been. I have now been practicing Hypnotherapy for over ten years. Thousands of hours with clients, training new therapists, creating hypnosis audio programs and learning, learning, learning. Eight years ago I never imagined that I was getting into such a fascinating field. It is true, that when you make your passion your career, and do what you love, the money will follow. I have been teaching financial abundance to others and inspiring them to step into their worthiness, their joy... and accept that they deserve abundance. You may want to discover for yourself what you can accomplish when you release fear, limitations, and learn to manifest abundance. Don’t miss the boat. Figure it out now, while you are young.

 If you have fears of public speaking, or being on stage, or you just want to be more confident and spontaneous, you can overcome these fears. I have, and it is worth it. Imagine how fun it would be to know that you can get up anytime, anywhere and speak to a group of people, feeling confident and spontaneous. You can do this! Make your fear a thing of the past. 

There is so much that is new and exciting, as I explore the potential of the mind to heal the body, and to have peace where there was once fear. THANK YOU to each and every one of my clients, and my internet clients, for making this such a fascinating time in my life. - Wendi


I was very suspicious of you at first because you are such an excellent marketer - as a PR professional for many moons, I know what that means... But you are seriously amazingly gifted and I learned a lesson - (after buying some really crap cds and beginning to seriously study hypnosis). You are very, very gifted and completely charming - I have spent a small fortune on your products and I have learned so much from you - plus have begun some important life changes. I would love to study with you and am doing so with the seminars but have you considered doing an on-line certification? Or moving to Pittsburgh.

Really Wendi, I am very grateful to you. I have study manuals and audio tapes, cds - the whole thing - but nothing has been as helpful as your materials.



I have purchased your Alcohol CD's and have not finished all of them. I have re-listened to the info in CD's 1-3 several times to make sure I really got the sense of things. I have not had anything to drink since I listened to the first CD and I am amazed at how I have not felt any internal pressure to drink. I have been out to the clubs with friends several times in the last two weeks while on vacation and drank only water. Quite a feat for me! Thank you!



Hi Wendi, Just had to write! I ordered your stage fright cd. I assumed a new position which requires speeches. Well yesterday was my first one, and after only listening to your cd a few times, I actually felt excited to get up there and deliver my speech! This is coming from someone who felt sick to her stomach with the thought of public speaking! Thank you so much for your awesome product!



Well, I have to write and say that I downloaded the podcast of your show on allergies. I was sneezing and sniffling so bad I thought the people who make Kleenex should give me a seat on the board. I was using so much tissue paper the City charged me extra just to haul off the trash. I mean, it was GROSS. Yukk. I listened to your allergy show and my head is completely clear. It’s the most amazing thing.

I have to say, it is amazing. At any rate, I am supremely pleased. If anyone doubts your allergy cure works, put him (or her) in touch and I will tell him (or her.) It does.



I have seen amazing results with your CD's. I have been using the Confidence pack and have noticed big changes in my behavior and how others respond to me. Thank you. I will be a customer for life. Why? Because you have taught me how to use my mind the way it was meant to be used; to create the life I choose. :-)


Read more testimonials here

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 What’s New?

PTSD For Veterans - Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is difficult and often ineffective. As a veteran, you know the torture that you endure with compulsive thoughts, sleepless nights, disturbing dreams and inability to connect with your family upon returning home.

The Cure For Anxiety

- Are You Ready To End Your Anxiety For Good?

If you are struggling with the fear, depression and pain of anxiety click here the cure.


If you could open your mind...
To see what you thought could not be seen
To feel what you thought you could not feel
To know, with certainty, those things that were previously unknown...
Imagine what you might discover.

Magnificent Memory

Are you struggling with being forgetful?
Do you have trouble focusing and paying attention?
Does Test Anxiety leave you helpless to pass your tests?
Do you struggle to remember names,
even for people you know well?
You will love this hypnotic method to magically give you a great memory.

SomnuLucent - End Insomnia

Wake Up Happy!

Think Yourself Thin!

New! Body Mastery

Attract Wealth Challenge

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 Learn Hypnosis

Wendi's Video TrainingIf you want to learn hypnosis, Video training is a good way to start.

Our Hypnosis Seminar DVD was 3 days worth of fast pace way to learn everything about the basics of hypnosis.

If you want a short crash course, then How To Hypnotize DVD is for you.

Want to hypnotize yourself? Check out our 2 self hypnosis DVDs, or read the mini course on self hypnosis.
It’s free.

 An End To Procrastination!

procrastinationStop Procrastinating

If you have been putting off your desire to stop procrastinating, take heart. You’re not lazy, you just need a kick in the brain.

I love this program, it has changed my life and it will change yours.
You will LOVE to get things done, clean your house, finish that project, or throw things away, The DO IT NOW CDs will make you love to get things done.

 Success Stories

I own a copy of Wendi's confidence cd's and can attest that they are one of the best self improvement products on the market. I've purchased a number of Wendi's products since she came on the hypno scene and have always been very happy with the product quality,value,and customer service I've experienced. In my opinion the confidence cd set represents Wendi's best work to date and will impact you in amazing and powerful way. Regardless of your experience level with hypnosis and nlp you'll have the added benefit of Wendi's example of great trance work and . continue

"Wendi, I have to tell you that I love you and your programs. I can't believe the success that I am having with the Procrastination program. My life has totally changed for the better and I am so happy. I am organizing my day the evening before and it is allowing to me to actually make more money because ...

 Past Life Regression

Past LifeHave you lived before? Curious about who you may have been? Are you experiencing health issues that you feel may be from a past life? Real or Imagined...
find out now

 Quit Drinking Now


Quit DrinkingDiscover how to quit drinking using hypnosis with the help of certified hypnotherapist and quit drinking expert Wendi Friesen.


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